what is a changemaker?

and when is something sustainable?

Just read this quote by Attenborough that if it's endless it can't be sustainable... do you agree?

Obviously even the sun will die - I understand - and while traveling it becomes more and more clear to me that all the beauty is there because it's impermanent. But it made me sad too.

The only true way to save the planet is to cancel humanity.

And yet we're a part of this ecosystem, with all our failures and behaviors. Everything that happens is supposed to happen? There's days I believe this and days I hate it! Days I don't want to accept reality.

Most days fortunately, I am convinced that what you believe can become true.

(For example, if we all together don't believe that toiletpaper will run out at the supermarkets, it won't. Because we won't act like it would. But we did act like that; most people believed at some point they would not be able to buy a roll so they went ahead and created the thing they feared so much.)

It only works if you do it together. If we believe climate change is going to destroy everything we love, we can act upon this and change the outcome. And yes it takes effort.

I know a lot of passionate people trying to make a difference every day. Real change makers, showing another option, proving that a better way is not only better - but also more fun, more fulfilling, more beautiful. I thank them all, everyday, for leading the way.

It can be small, you can change a single habit in a persons life, that will create space for more and start to act as a ripple. Once it's out there, it will keep spreading. To their friends and family, to other aspects of their lives, it will inspire and help transform so much more just by planting a seed.

And that is something good growing, bigger and bigger, a movement that can't be stopped - that is actually pretty fucking sustainable, David.