SDG's. Not your everyday abbreviation: it’s only the 17 worldwide goals set to save our planet. And everyone is allowed to join the party!

Save the world like it’s just another project.

This is a plan and we’re in it together. Your own team, your own field, your own passion - one global deadline. Sound good right?

It is: full of specific goals and clear explanations, so that you (as a company) can see where you contribute, what you could bring to the table.

Choose consciously where you put the focus, make it measurable, choose where you make the difference. Be even more specific about your ideal customer, because you share those values ​​with them.

Despite the lobby against sustainable progress, terrifying government leaders and what else you can come up with as an argument to give up hope, at the same time there’s an enormous movement growing like crazy! (but they’re the sane ones) More and more people are fired up with positive energy and the desire to change course. We're doing it.

In a short period of our evolution so much has been developed and designed, that we are sabotaging ourselves (and the flora and fauna) in a way that it seems to have grown above our heads.

But it’s never too late: there is no comet on the way. (that I know of)

We are digging our own downfall and we have a lot of control actually, how far we‘ll drop.

Every half degree of warming that we can prevent means slightly less poverty, slightly fewer natural disasters and a little less bad news. So don't be fooled!

Fortunately, many people are aware of this and are forerunners who continue to tirelessly live up to these (UN compiled) 17 themes with necessary plans.

It's just our future we're talking about…

If you are not a multinational, you cannot take the responsibility that fits such a huge company - but you can pick something within your reach, to contribute. Use your voice.

After a workshop by Leonie de Haas (#merkarchitect) at Happy Planet Professionals, I realized again, that every bit combined makes a lot. Because in the Netherlands we’ve got so many self-employed people - the sum is definitely worth it! (thank you Leonie!)

myself as an example to hopefully inspire you!

My mission is to support startups by making them visible - my impact is therefore indirect. Many of the clients that I have directly influence the future, and I am part of those teams on a project basis. (love!)

First time I see the 17 SDG's from which I can pick it's "impossible, they are all equally important, how could I ever choose?"

But in daily life you are not the full soccer team either. Choose what suits you, take 3 out of which you can easily invest time, with which you have affinity. I chose that intuitively within 3 minutes. Then I started to read into these themes and feel immediately: this is just right.

My shortlist:

Living in the water

Three-quarters of our earth's surface consists of oceans. 30% of the CO2 is compensated here. And phytoplankton provides 50% of our oxygen! Wow.

Living on the land

About a third of our planet is forest. In addition to being important for food safety and providing shelter, they are also essential for fighting climate change, protecting biodiversity and forming the habitat of indigenous peoples.

Sustainable consumption &


Less polluting production methods, less chemicals, and less waste. Dividing our resources better so we can change this: while almost 800 million people are hungry, there is too much (unhealthy) food in some parts of the world.

So now what?

My own values: creativity, sustainability, adventure.

Combine them;

"for creative or adventurous companies that are committed to help save our earth and our oceans, or are determined to change course in consumption and production, I help to communicate their mission to the investors or the public. By contributing to the visual storytelling that clarifies the message, the company can grow and inspire. That's how I stimulate impact."

Then what?

For me, for example, it could mean that I am committed to delivering visuals at least 4 times a year to an organization that is working on 'our' water.

They can be busy cleaning up plastic in the great patch, they can grow seaweed, prevent illegal fishing, but also: inform about alternative (vegetable) food and stimulate local food.
Or a company that is 100% committed to deploying container ships on sustainable fuel, or to save the Great Barrier Reef.
It can be smaller, and have equally as much impact: initiatives that provide education at primary schools about life under water; teach our new generation that only 3% of the water on our planet is fresh (not salt) and that we in the Netherlands often do not realize how little that is.

Same goes for life on land: fighting deforestation, protecting biodiversity, fix our ecosystems, you name it! And last but not least I figured out how can use my passion to create, to reduce our consumption and make our production more sustainable. I loved working on this, because when you've got it that clear - you can measure and grow your impact.

Any ideas or tips for me? They are always welcome.

Check out the #SDG's here: