covid crisis

wow, I could be saving the planet but I just want to hide! #home

What's happening to me? I am struggling to find my motivation to keep going, to move things online and to help customers from a distance. Why is that?

It feels that - even though you've got a purpose - a lot of us are still just trying to 'keep busy' and the world is asking us to slow it down. Yes, this is our window. I know I really believe that! But our window does not mean to keep running - I also believe that we need to sometimes shut the fuck up and stop for a second.

Please, we finally hit the PAUSE button, let's enjoy that for a bit!

Honey, I'm home!

Making DIY projects, arts and crafts...

Apperently I really needed a break. Again. It's a disappointment to not be as resilient as some others around me, but on the other hand I also don't feel too jealous. I am totally fine with taking a break.

While going easy, I still try to volunteer here & there to help out the people who are the real victims, but other than that I am full on #farmlife advocate.

if you recognize this, just go with it! your body knows, your intuition will guide you...

Time, it's only something we invented ;)