So you have a startup,

And yours is different from the rest. 

...but some things are alike in every business,

it’s continuously transforming and growing. That’s the plan at least - right? 

As you and your startup evolve, so does your storytelling. Like a remote member of your team, I help you consistently share, to stay connected with your audience.


  • Let’s be frank: first of all it’s convenient to never worry about it again. 

  • You’ll receive a consistent series that you can mix & match because I use the same technique and eye. Your branded database will offer endless combinations.


  • As an external team member I know what you are working on and I understand why.

  • As you continue to evolve we will brainstorm on new storytelling ideas.


  • We'll deep dive into your vision, values and mission. Let me get to know you as founder and understand the DNA of your start-up, so I can help you tell it right.

  • Monthly or seasonal, we meet and we create that story to connect. Every meeting you get a new series that show what you stand for. Get branding consistency, every stage and upgrade visible. 

  • Because we'll I build a relationship I will know exactly what you stand for and we share the same values so I can help catch those moments and meaning.

  • You can personalize your membership as it's flexible: tailored as you grow and evolve. Add a filmclip here, visual metaphors there, team photos or pitching for investors. I got you covered.