VISUAL STORIES for  sustainable · social · 
creative  STARTUPS


honest, blunt, sincere.

open and direct in speech or writing, to the point and undisguised, fair.


Let's be visible. Let's be frank.


Stories sell.

Film and photography clarify the message and mission.

They easily communicate your story to investors or the public.

Images will help your company to inspire and grow.

For creative and adventurous entrepreneurs that are committed to help save the earth we are standing on and the oceans we breathe.

For those determined to change course in consumption and production. 

Make an impact!

My mission = to make yours succeed.

let's get stuff done.

Building your storytelling database, with seasonal or  monthly updates as your story evolves.

What does it look like? Where are you heading? If you are curious what we can do together, let's talk!  



the current world is challening to be resilient en flexible

and more creative than ever. 

There's a great deal of alternative routes and solutions out there

enabling us to continue our mission.

Give me a call to find out if you can still create

visual stories for your business!

share your story & stay connected

with your audience.

babette porcelijn

de verborgen impact

Renée has made pictures of me to use as promotion material for our foundation. We aim to inspire people to make the world more safe and sustainable place. Renée has captured not just my face, but my character and my intentions. I think this is a quality that discerns a good photographer from a great one.

The fact that Renée is a warm and comforting person helped me to show my true self. I warmly recommend Renée to anyone who’d like to have beautiful pictures of themselves or their loved ones.